North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

+65 6989 3000
130 Depot Rd, 109708, Singapore

成立年份 Founded in 1850 in the UK and 2020 in Singapore
報名階段 / 成績 August to June / Pre Kindergarten to Grade 12
登機 日间学校
學生人數 Over 750
民族 33
師生比例 1:6 to 1:24
資質認證 国际文凭课程
校長 Paul Friend
每年學費(最低) SGD 31,545
每年學費(最高) SGD 46,803


NLCS (Singapore) takes pride in being the fourth school in the prestigious NLCS network drawing on the rich history and tradition of the founding school in the UK. Our aim is to provide our students with an inspirational and life changing educational experience that will ensure they become successful, well rounded and compassionate human beings. NLCS (Singapore) produces scholars and critical thinkers, individuals who have the ability and drive to bring positive change to the world around them.
Our first class education is delivered by a team of passionate teachers who are all subject specialists and experts in their field. We empower our teachers to inspire a love for their subjects and deliver a broad and flexible curriculum that goes beyond the syllabus. With a focus on academic rigour, we build on students’ confidence to aim high and fulfil their potential and ambition. This paves the way for a “floors, not ceilings approach” and inspires life-long learning.
A focus on outstanding pastoral care, ensures we meet the needs of the individual, not just the needs of the cohort. We recognise that each and every classroom is filled with unique individuals who have different interests, skills, talents, experiences and world-views.
We create a caring and supportive environment both in and out of the classroom, fostering a community built on positive relationships between staff and students and between students themselves.
Our Senior School team explains “The heartbeat of any successful school is its students and, despite the restrictions on movement, interaction and performance, ours have comfortably exceeded even the most optimistic expectations that we had of them. They have truly embraced the NLCS ethos, facing academic challenges head-on as well as setting up academic societies, committing to genuine community service programmes and taking part in myriad co-curricular activities.”
A spirit of scholarship also enables all students to recognise excellence, and realise that it is attainable no matter where they come from. This stems from the School’s core belief in the transformative power of academic engagement, and that a culture of scholarship should extend beyond the classroom and permeate the wider life of our schools. To further our students’ understanding, we deliver a series of ‘McCabe Lectures’, named after former NLCS (UK) Headmistress Bernice McCabe OBE, providing opportunities for students to hear from industry experts, exposing them to high-level academic discourse.
Enrichment is another essential element of our educational programme and serves to support and enhance each student’s academic development, as well as helping to shape their character and personality. We offer a rich and vibrant co-curricular provision across academic subjects, music, drama, sports, the creative arts and beyond.

Located centrally, the NLCS (Singapore) school campus on Depot Road has a built-up area of approximately 300,000 sqft, with modern and impressive facilities to support our students’ learning. These include, but are not limited to, a 50 metre Olympic sized swimming pool, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, sports field, fully equipped gymnasium, tennis courts, fitness studio, dance studio, purpose built performing arts centre, 700 seat auditorium, lecture theatre, music technology suite and recording studio.
Our sports provision offers opportunities for students who would not only like to participate in the recreational CCA programme, but also in school representative sports teams as well as elite coaching. We are also a full member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) which allows our students to compete in a wide range of sports with other international schools across Singapore.

NLCS (Singapore) is also proud to welcome the first cohort of Sixth Form students onto the IB Diploma Programme. The class will graduate in summer 2023 and have access to elite universities around the world. We are also delighted to be awarded CPE’s EduTrust Certification for four years until 2025.

NLCS (UK) has maintained its record of being the most successful IB School in the UK since first offering the IB Diploma Programme fifteen years ago and had phenomenal success with sister schools in Jeju, South Korea and Dubai, UAE as well.

NLCS (Singapore) offers an exceptional British education for students aged 3 – 18. Enrollment is open throughout the year. For more information on availability, the admissions process or to book a tour, please contact our Admissions team on +65 6989 3000 or email and we will be very happy to support you.

Head Talk with Mr Paul Friend



We offer our students the rigourous NLCS Curriculum and the IB Diploma Programme in Sixth Form




Mandarin, French and Spanish


国际学士学位课程(International Baccalaureate




Our enrichment programmes are an essential element of our educational programme and serve to support and enhance each student’s academic development, as well as helping to shape their character and personality. Our ambition is to offer a rich and vibrant co-curricular provision across academic subjects, music, drama, sports, the creative arts and beyond.Amnesty International, Archery, Art Remade, Applied Science and Scientific Enquiry, Biology Olympiad, Cooking Club, Environment & Sustainability Group, Fencing, Golf, Kayaking, Rock Band, Scuba Diving to Young Investors Club, these are some exciting enrichment activities offered to our students.