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Co-Education (15-18)
Boarding School
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THINK Global School, 54 W 40th St #512, New York, NY 10018, United States

Year of Foundation 2010
Enrollment Phase / Grades Grades: 10-12
Boarding Boarding School
Number of students 57
Nationalities 49
Teacher Student Ratio 1:4
Accreditations Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Headmaster Adnan Mackovic and Russell Cailey
Yearly Tuition Fee (Min) Based on income
Yearly Tuition Fee (Max) 94050 USD


THINK Global School is the world’s first traveling high school. Attendees between the ages of 15-18 gain an education by living in four different countries each year –ten countries total– learning firsthand from their multicultural experiences. During their time in-country, students gain the expertise necessary to bring about change in our increasingly global world.

Central to THINK Global School‘s mission is diversity. Its small student body of 60 students consists of attendees from over 30 countries, making it one of the most diverse boarding schools in the world. This diversity ensures that a wide variety of viewpoints are expressed during discussions, and that lifelong friendships are formed with classmates from all manner of backgrounds.

Small by Design
THINK Global School is small by design to ensure each attendee has all of their individual needs recognized. The school consists of two cohorts that travel independently of each other, coming together at the end of each school year for a term in Greece.

Each cohort consists of 30 students and is staffed by a principal, six educators, and a support staff comprised of a media specialist, counselor, and in-country coordinator. These numbers result in THINK Global School possessing one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios globally and ensures students receive near-unlimited facetime and support during their travels around the world.

A Curriculum Unlike Any Other
Besides travel, what makes THINK Global School so unique is its Changemaker Curriculum. Rather than educate students in the traditional classroom setting, THINK Global School takes full advantage of the countries it calls home through project-based learning.

During project-based learning, students explore real-world problems by creating and implementing projects that address them. These projects allow students to be hands-on and in charge of their education, rather than simply listening to a teacher lecture. Students discover their strengths and how to apply them during the course of their project work, developing critical 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, which are integral for success at University and beyond.

What sets THINK Global School apart from other schools with a project-based curriculum is that projects are designed around the countries the students inhabit. THINK Global School educators design projects relevant to each country, meaning students regularly engage in work focused on significant local issues.

While they are in Botswana, students work with the Botswanan government to collect conservation data on endangered species in the Okavango Delta. In India, students learn about issues related to sustainability by engaging in projects that examine the country’s lack of access to clean water.

Each country is an opportunity to meet with a wide array of local experts, guest speakers, and other individuals who provide a comprehensive picture of the topic at hand and provide meaningful career advice that will aid the student in deciding on the best University to attend or start-up to intern at.

An Equal Focus on Mental Health and Academics
THINK Global School recognizes that the adolescent years are among the most crucial development-wise and is committed to seeing its students flourish in all aspects of life.

To do so, students meet regularly with an advisor during their time in-country to ensure they succeed mentally and academically. School counselors also travel alongside students to each location, providing emotional support as well as college advice.

This focus on social-emotional health is one of the bedrocks of a THINK Global School education. Research shows that motivated students are more engaged, and their academic outcomes are improved. It’s a whole-child approach that THINK Global School is proud to employ.

Academic Calendar
Students attending THINK Global School observe a year-round academic calendar that consists of eight weeks onsite followed by five weeks at home. This way, students have plenty of time in-country to develop new ideas, new appreciations, and new perspectives on how to best impact their home communities without becoming homesick.

In between countries, students have five-week breaks to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and spend time prepping for optional college entrance exams like the APs, SAT, and ACT.

Even with these extended breaks, THINK Global School students still average more days learning than students in most countries around the world.

College Preparation
94% Of Think Global School Students Have Gone on to University.

The Changemaker Curriculum goes above and beyond to prepare students for the academic and social rigors of university. By letting students guide their learning and imbuing every aspect of their education with compassion and service, they’re empowered to become leaders in their university communities and beyond.

An education at THINK Global School includes regular one-on-one sessions with a college and career counselor, designed to give students all of the tools they need to navigate the university admissions process.

While most THINK Global School students go on to university, our faculty and counselors provide full support to students who envision a different route to success.

Gap years have become an increasingly popular choice for graduates who aren’t quite ready to leave travel and experiential learning behind. They provide an excellent way to continue building upon the skills attained while at THINK Global School.

The future of work has also shown that a college degree is no longer required to succeed in the workplace and that cross-cultural competencies and digital proficiencies are in high demand. Due to this, our faculty and counselors help students who demonstrate a talent for technical skills like coding or graphic design to navigate their goals and jump right into their careers.

THINK Global School is the world’s first traveling high school. Attendees between the ages of 15-18 gain an education by living in four different countries each year and learning firsthand from their multicultural experiences. During their time in-country, students gain the expertise necessary to bring about change in our increasingly global world through THINK Global School’s project-based curriculum.

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