Ranum Efterskole College

Co-education (14-17)
Boarding school
+45 96 66 44 00
Seminarievej 23, 9681 Ranum, Denmark

Year of Foundation 2004
Enrollment Phase / Grades
Boarding Boarding school
Number of students 450
Nationalities 20
Teacher Student Ratio 1 : 8
Accreditations Cambridge International School / Danish National Curriculum for 9th and 10th grade / The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award / Member of Nordic Network of International Schools, and ECIS. An UNESCO World School / AFS partner
Headmaster Olav Storm Johannsen
Yearly Tuition Fee (Min) 174.200 DKK (including full host package and 3 study trips)
Yearly Tuition Fee (Max) 176.800 DKK (including full host package and 3 study trips)


Ranum Efterskole College is a Danish and International residential school located in picturesque West Himmerland of Northern Jutland in Denmark.

Each year over 450 students, between the ages of 14 to 17, from 28 different countries choose to spend 1 to 2 years at Ranum Efterskole College to pursue and realise their goals.

Ranum Efterskole College offers an extensive range of subjects and activities, such as 20+ Cambridge IGCSE subjects, 60+ extracurricular subjects, and 3 study trips throughout the world!

The school has four residential houses, and an extensive range of indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities on a 20.000 square metre campus. The countryside surrounding Ranum offers a wealth of opportunities with Vilsted Lake, The Limfjord and the local harbour in Rønbjerg, which is home to Ranum Efterskole Maritime Center for water activities such as: Sailing, Scuba Diving, Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, SUP and more.

It is our prime objective to provide a framework in which students and teachers in unity contribute to the development of school curricula and activities. This objective, amongst others, ensures an understanding of community, democracy and responsibility, whilst nurturing the students’ personal development and skills. We call this togetherness.

We strive to provide an inclusive environment in which students feel safe, supported and encouraged on their own personalised learning journey.
We look forward to having you join our community.

“An efterskole cannot be described in words, it must be experienced”

PS: If you’d like to experience what efterskole life is all about before making a final commitment, then join our international summer school with other young people from around the world. (ranumefterskole.dk/en/sommerskole)

Welcome to Ranum Efterskole College’s abundance of extracurricular subjects
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IGCSE English 1st & 2nd, German 1st & foreign, French 1st & foreign, Spanish 1st & foreign, Mandarin 1st & foreign, Mathematics, Global Perspectives, Combined Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Physical Education, Drama, Geography, History, Travel & Tourism, & Environmental Management. AS Marine Science. Danish 1st & 2nd (Expats). 9th & 10th grade (National curriculum for Denmark).

Languages of instruction


Foreign languages

English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Mandarin


IGCSE & Danish 9th & 10th grade

University counseling


Learning support



Ranum Efterskole College has an abundance of extracurricular subjects

The purpose of profile subjects is to practice a skill, use it and create a profile such as a dancer or scuba diver.

Profile Subjects include: Adventure, Art & Design, Bio-trek, Confectionery, Coral Restoration, Cheerleading, Drama, Dance, eSport, Fashion Designer, Fit for Life, Gastronomy, Guide & Event, Horse Riding, Media, Mountaineering, Model UN, Music, Photo Safari, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Ski & Snowboard, Street Performance, Surf, Wakeboard, Wind Surfing, Yoga, and more.

The purpose of culture subjects is to use your interests and your skills to open up to new cultures and friendships. The interaction between people and cultures is the focus during the second period.

Culture Subjects include: Australia, Brazil, Canadian Mountain Life, China, Coral Restoration Bonaire, Costa Rica, Cuba and Miami, Europe Roadtrip, India Culture Meeting, Japanese Culture, Nature & Youth, Malaysia, Namibia Wildlife Conservation, Nepal Friendship School, Nepal Himalaya Trek, New Zealand, Peru Community Development, South Africa, South Korea, US Roadtrip, US Highschool, and more.

Activity subjects are hobby based and offered 1 to 2 times a week, throughout the year.

Activity Subjects include: Adventure,Archery, Basketball & Street basket, Dance, Drama, eSport, Electronic music, Football, Photo, Golf, Kayaking, Climbing, Mountain biking, Horse Riding, Roller skiing & roller skating, Sailing, Skate/Longboard, Training, Swimming, Surfing & Wakeboarding, Yoga, Zumba, and more

3 periods & 28 travel days - The school year is divided into 3 periods; 2 profile periods and 1 culture period. Each period is concluded with a study trip of between 5 to 14 days*

Profile subject 1: Aug. - Oct. The purpose of the first period, which is chosen by the student before the school year starts, is to prepare for the first travels. You will learn to set personal goals as well as common goals for the group to achieve. For example, in Scuba diving, we train for a Padi Open Water diving certificate in order to pass the certificate on our travels to the Mediterranean at the end of the period.

Culture subject: Oct. - Feb. In the second period, we focus on culture and world citizenship. All subjectas will focus on a country’s or a continent’s culture e.g. Europe, USA, Nepal, China etc. In each of these subjects, all students are well prepared for their travels. During our travels we meet young locals, live with them and form friendships for life.

Profile subject 2: Mar. - May The third period focuses on personal development and enlightenment, by combining content and purposes from the first and second periods - for example: The dance team travels to Beijing to visit a local school as well as to experience the dance culture in Beijing. By this period the students are experienced in forming new subjects and do so with passion.
School trips
Community service
Performing arts
Summer programs

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