Institut auf dem Rosenberg

CoEducational (6-19)
Boarding School, Day School on request (for below the age of 9 years)
+41 71 277 77 77
Institut auf dem Rosenberg, H_henweg 60, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Year of Foundation 1889
Enrollment Phase / Grades Pre-School, Primary School, Junior- Middle- & High-School
Boarding Boarding School, Day School on request (for below the age of 9 years)
Number of students 230
Nationalities 50
Teacher Student Ratio 2:1
Accreditations CIS, COGNIA, 1B World School
Headmaster Bernhard O. A. Gademann
Yearly Tuition Fee (Min) 130'000.00 CHF (average, yearly fee) = 84'000.00 CHF (base fee) + CHF 46'000.00 (yearly individual fees)
Yearly Tuition Fee (Max) 130'000.00 CHF (average, yearly fee) = 84'000.00 CHF (base fee) + CHF 46'000.00 (yearly individual fees)


Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the Artisans of Education®, is a Swiss international boarding school for students between the ages of 5-18. Situated on top of a hill, overlooking the alpine town of St. Gallen, Rosenberg is world-renowned for its cutting-edge approach to education. It offers a uniquely contemporary learning experience, enabling exceptional academic results and personal development, well beyond traditional education. Its international student community represents well over 50 different nationalities mostly coming from Entrepreneurial family background.
Besides its offer of five different school systems (International Baccalaureate, German International Baccalaureate, IGCE A-Levels, High School Diploma & AP-s) the “Talent & Enrichment” programme is unique to Rosenberg and embodies the school’s holistic, creative and entrepreneurial approach to education giving students an insight into the rapidly evolving 21 st century.
The programme provides students with real-life context, industry insight and latest technological tools preparing them for the challenges ahead and enables them to become successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future.
Compiling a total of 100 ca-curricular and athletic courses featuring an unmatched choice of different industries and business areas such as in Fashion Design, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence engineering, Technology courses, Architecture, International Law and Hotel management to name just a few. Many courses are taught in partnership industry leaders and partners such as Norman Foster Foundation, ETH Zurich, University of St Gallen, ABB, The Chedi Andermatt & UBS and many more.

The Campus is home to 13 art-noveau Villas set in 100’000 m2 of priva te parklands surrounded carefully landscaped gardens and century old trees that create the perfect environment for a unique and tranquil learning experience. All buildings boost modern, state­of-the-art learning facilities and unrivalled student accommodation. Special facilities that enhance the learning are a google-styled Creative Lab, The Future Park, Health & Fitness Club, Multi-Media Center, Mario J. Malina Science Center as well as prívate tennis, basketball, soccer and golf training facilities.

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Institut auf dem Rosenberg - Behind the Scenes



Core Curriculum: RIC (Rosenberg International Curriculum). Diplomas offered: International Baccalaureate (IB), German lnternational Baccalaureate (GIB), IGCE A-Levels, High School Diploma, HSD & Advanced Placement Courses (AP's)

Languages of instruction

English (German Native Enrichment Options available). Additional language enrichment options can be added to students' schedules.

Foreign languages

German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Polish & many others upon request.


CEFR Al-C2 (ind. Cambridge, Goethe & DELF), SAT, IELTS, IGCE, GCSE A-Level, Advanced Placement (AP), IB & GIB

University counseling


Learning support



More than 60 Co-Curricular Options, including:   Diplomacy & Leadership, Wealth Creation & Investment, Applied Robotics, Art Portfolio, Survival Skills, Business Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Fashion & Textile Design, Family Business, Culinary Lab, School Band, Performing Arts, Creative Technology & Engineering   More than 40 Athletic Options, including:   Horse-Riding, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming, Archery, Yoga, Skiing, Tennis, Kickboxing, Golf, Football, Personal Training, Table Tennis, Mountain Biking, Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance   Organised like a school within the school, courses are chosen according to students’ interests. Many co-curricular courses are offered in partnership with industry experts and leading companies from around the world.
School trips
Community service
Performing arts
Summer programs

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