King’s College Online

Совместное обучение (14-18)
Дневная школа
+44 20 3867 9961
6th Floor, 3 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3EP, United Kingdom
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Год основания 2020
Фаза зачисления / Оценки Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
школа-интернат Дневная школа
Количество студентов 250+
Национальности 15+
Соотношение учитель и ученик 1 : 10
Аккредитации ISI
Старший мастер Paul Robinson
Годовая плата за обучение (мин) 1500 EUR
Годовая плата за обучение (Макс) 7000 EUR


Online and offline schooling blended perfectly for ambitious 14-18-year-olds

Welcome to King’s College Online – the flexible, full-time school designed for academic success.

Since its launch last year, King’s College Online has been offering the best of both worlds for students aged 14-18 – combining exceptional school performance and experience with the latest technology and the most talented and experienced teachers, to deliver unrivalled online learning, blended with exceptional offline experiences at Inspired schools around the world. It’s the unique education that fits the lives of modern, international young adults now and in the future.

Drawing upon 50 years of academic excellence from within the King’s College Group, King’s College Online has worked with leading digital educational experts
to pioneer a truly unique global learning experience for students; it’s a new kind of international school, unlike any before.

A fully-connected online school with a difference
Students at King’s College Online experience the best of online learning with the opportunity to attend one of the 70 prestigious Inspired schools around the world. Whether that’s for Summer Camps, week visits or longer stays. Classmates could be from anywhere in the world. Diversity of culture, opinion and beliefs are celebrated within all Inspired schools; the international connectivity of King’s College Online facilitates this more than any other online school in the world.

International GCSEs and A levels
This prestigious international online school teaches a globally recognised curriculum with Certified Pearson qualifications in International GCSEs and A levels, which are accepted by every leading university and academic institution worldwide.

The School provides outstanding pedagogy, combined with regular formative feedback, enabling all students to make progress in their chosen field of study. This academic rigour, combined with a co-curricular programme that nurtures talent, enables students to access some of the best universities in the world, with 90% of students achieving their first-choice university.

A holistic education includes co-curricular activities such as music, art, drama and coding – paving the way for young adults to become leaders in their chosen field and to explore their unique talents and individual passions.

Students receive regular feedback on their academic performance and all pupils receive regular formative feedback, reporting and tutor engagement. Personalised support and a dedicated personal tutor and a pastoral care system are all in-built to the school structure and ethos. All students have the support of a dedicated personal tutor and build lasting relationships with their fellow international students.

King’s College Online offers the perfect blend of online and offline learning that fits the life of a modern young adult – delivering the flexibility to help them fully achieve their ambitions, from anywhere in the world.

A Day in the Life of a King's College Online Student
King's College Online Prspectus
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Pearson Edexcel

Языки обучения

Английский язык

Иностранные языки

Французский, испанский, китайский


International GCSEs and A levels

Университетское консультирование


Поддержка обучения



King’s College Online offers the widest variety of co-curricular activities, included as part of everyday life at the school, so students have more opportunities to make friends and develop their talents. Among the numerous activities, highlights would include performing arts clubs such as music, art and drama, culminating in regular talent shows and performances, to deepen student confidence and creativity. Subject specific opportunities for enrichment will be available, such as coding club, alongside opportunities to develop leadership in an online Model United Nations
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