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We are a diplomat family with two children. In my career, we have been sent to many countries and my children have attended various International Schools. Upon my family’s arrival...
Turkish Consul General Ms. Karaarslan, Международная школа ISR на Рейне
Akademeia creates great, stimulating environment for young people to develop, grow and acquire knowledge, new skills and discover world. They are motivated to go extra mile, make more effort for...
St John’s is part of our lives since 2014. It’s an amazing school and we are grateful our daughter has the opportunity to finish her education with St John’s’ teachers...
He’s so engaged and excited and his confidence has skyrocketed. He seems like a new kid – so much so that it puts in sharp relief the difference between Avenues...
I learned that respect will take you far. I learned that communicating your thoughts with others and respecting theirs took you even further … I learned that rising above differences...
In general we are amazed how much time and effort you put into communication with the children and parents. We moved several times and our kids have been to different...
German family with son in grade 11 synchronous, Подготовительная школа Меррик
The commitment of all the staff ensures my son is immersed in a stimulating, motivating, caring and respectful learning environment. It is with pleasure that I see him leave in...

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