Robert Land Academy

Boys Only (10-18)
+1 905-386-6203
Robert Land Academy, 6727 S Chippawa Rd, Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0, Canada

Ano de fundação 1978
Fase de inscrição / Graus 5-12
Embarque Internato
Número de estudantes 90
Nacionalidades 15
Proporção de alunos professores 1 : 10
Credenciamentos Fully Accredited
Diretor Ryan Smid
Taxa anual de matrícula (Min) 66,700.00 CAD
Taxa anual de matrícula (Max) 71,200.00 CAD


Robert Land Academy is an all-boys military themed boarding school for grades 5-12. We focus on pushing boys to achieve their academic, physical, and emotional potential through rigorous study schedules, a professionally executed exercise regime, and a cognitive behavior therapy counselling model. We take struggling boys, influenced by the distractions presented in today’s society, and help them grow into successful, confident young men, ready to succeed at the post-secondary level.

With a team comprised of qualified residential youth workers and teachers, our students receive quality 24-hour supervision, and a unique study program allowing them to receive additional support and tutoring every day of the week. With a 100% post-secondary acceptance rate, we have tangible evidence that the program is a success and brings students to the academic level needed to succeed.

By using the military model, we develop our students executive functioning abilities, improving their organization, tidiness, and pride in ownership. These characteristics transfer to their study, and overall work habits, once again, preparing them for life as an adult.

At Robert Land Academy, students are expected to work hard. When they do, they reap the rewards of doing so. Academic, physical, and operational achievement will earn them a place on various exciting experiences throughout the year including:
1. Trip to France, to explore Canadian war history in Europe
2. New Mexico trip to White Sands Missile Range to participate in a 42km march
3. Skydiving introduction to the Progressive Free Fall course, jumping from 8,000 feet
4. Scuba lessons to gain PADI certification
5. Adventure canoe training in Algonquin Park

Being away at boarding school can mean missing out on important milestones at home. Therefore, we also take the time to aid our students in obtaining their driver’s license and granting them leave weekends when they show high levels of effort and success in the program. This way, they can join in on important events at home.

Part of what makes Robert Land Academy unique, is its focus on the entire student. We believe for an individual to be successful; we need to work on developing them as a whole and help them discover not just who they are but also who they could be.

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At Robert Land Academy, our students have the option to join various clubs after school hours. Additionally, all students are enrolled in the Canadian army cadet program to learn basic survival and outdoors skills. Lastly, they may attend Robert Land Academy's summer program: The Niagara Adventure Camp.
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