Leysin American School in Switzerland

Co-Education (12-19)
+41 24 493 48 88
Chemin de la Source 3, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland

Rok założenia 1960
Etap zapisów / Klasy Gr 7 - 12, PG
Boarding Internat
Liczba uczniów 300
Narodowości 60
Stosunek liczby nauczycieli do liczby uczniów 1:5
Akredytacje IBO, NEASC
Dyrektor szkoły Dr Marc-Fredric Ott
Roczne czesne (min.) 99,000 CHF
Roczne czesne (max) -


Located in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, Leysin American School has a history of nurturing talent and motivating students to succeed in education, sports, and the arts. We bring together students from around the world to create a campus community with a global perspective and a family atmosphere. LAS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, a comprehensive US university preparatory curriculum, and, for non-native English speakers, an integrated English Language Acquisition (ELA) program. Students enjoy an extra-curricular program which features exciting recreational activities, extensive cultural travel and fine art courses. Our boarding community provides a stable, caring, and supportive family-like environment with faculty members who live in the dormitories. LAS strives to provide the best environment in which our students can excel and truly become “innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.” We have three full time professional University Advisors who are there to assist our students and help them achieve their goals. In addition we offer professional SAT and TOEFL Preparatory Courses at our campus. 89% of LAS graduates attend one of the top 5% of universities in the world.

LAS also offers two summer camp programs, LAS summer and LAS summer edge. At LAS summer, students ages 10-17 get to customize their perfect summer experience, from morning programs, to afternoon activities and excursions! At LAS summer edge, students explore LAS’s mission statement of “developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.” Each week of LAS summer edge is dedicated to exploring one of these traits in depth, introducing students to inspirational people and inviting them to participate in fun activities that help them explore their individual strengths and build on their self-confidence.



International Baccalaureate, American

Języki wykładowe


Języki obce

French, Spanish, German



Doradztwo uniwersyteckie


Pomoc w nauce


Zajęcia pozalekcyjne

Students in our vibrant residential community are given the freedom and safety to explore, try out new activities, and find new interests.

With an alpine backyard and neighboring countries just hours away, we make the most of Leysin’s location whenever possible. The Alpine Club and ski term help students to embrace their time in the Swiss Alps. Outside of our beautiful host country, cultural trips allow students to explore the world and take part in experiential learning. Participation in these trips helps to fully immerse students in the customs, culture, and history of the country they are visiting.

In addition to our environment, students are encouraged to explore their interests. There are many opportunities for them to channel their imagination in after school activities including choir and theater. A number of extracurriculars exist outside of the arts as well, with enough variety to captivate each student.
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