Préfleuri International Alpine School

Co-Education (3-13)
+41 24 495 23 48
Préfleuri International Alpine School, Chemin de Curnaux 32, 1885 Ollon, Switzerland

設立年 1948
搭乗 デイ・スクール|ボーディング・スクール
国籍 15
教師と生徒の比率 1:3
アクレディテーション Swiss School Impulse, DELF/DALF, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Apply for Eco-School, Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées, Swiss Private Schools
校長 Sylvie Ducas
年間の授業料(最小 15'500 CHF
年間の授業料(上限 57'000 CHF


Préfleuri is an exclusive international boarding school in the Swiss Alps that caters for children from 3 to 13 years of age. Since 1948, Préfleuri has been a loving home to many children, giving them the very best in education and sports as well life ethics. Préfleuri still upholds a strong tradition of care and education for children from all over the world. Préfleuri teaches children to think independently, deeply and creatively, and is fully engaged in the new world society that is being born. Préfleuri offers its children the possibility of becoming actors in a world where communication is the basis of all interrelation and evolution. Préfleuri is a traditional wooden chalet, situated in a private park of two hectares, surrounded by pristine woods and traditional farmland. Our classes are small; our teachers are specialized in personalised tuition. Sports, cultural and other extra-curricula activities complement our children’s experience of living in Switzerland. We also welcome pupils for Winter and Summer camps with intensive language courses. Préfleuri believes in child-centred education, emphasizing the importance of the development of the whole person, as well as in the introduction of a foreign language at an early age. It is with these aims in mind that, at Préfleuri, a child is guided and encouraged, step-by-step, towards gaining the self-assurance of being a responsible citizen of the future, positively shaping his own life. We encourage our students to share their culture and traditions with their classmates. By discovering different codes and customs, they acquire an openness that time will never erode. At Préfleuri, learning English and French is assured. Asian students naturally become trilingual. Bilingualism at Préfleuri means keeping one’s roots, one’s culture, whilst becoming receptive to differences. Our academic program follows official English and French curricula; in addition we provide teaching of mother languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Russian. A child has the energy and ability to learn that far exceeds that of an adult who would often feel tired in the same situation. We believe that young people who graduate from Préfleuri are fully equipped to cope not only with challenging secondary education programs but also the demands of a fast changing world.



British Curriculum, Others




French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian


DELF and Cambridge






Préfleuri organizes several extra curricular activities for boarders and day pupils. These clubs take place after lessons in the afternoon. Students enrol at the beginning of the term and can participate in a range of artistic activities or sports: horse riding, painting, dancing, drama, swimming,animation, pottery, football Music and singing are an integral part of the school curriculum at Prefleuri. Teachers introduce basic notions of song and music during class time, based on the abilities and age of their pupils. Every child has the opportunity to take private music lessons during their schooling at Prefleuri. A qualified music teacher offers tuition in piano, violin and guitar. The school welcomes all musical instruments and endeavours to satisfy all requests from parents and pupils.