Tamagawa Academy IB Programmes

Co-educazione (12-18)
Scuola diurna
6 Chome-1-1 Tamagawagakuen, Machida, Tokyo 194-8610, Japan

Anno di fondazione 1929 (IB Programmes: 2007)
Fase di iscrizione / Gradi K-12 (IB Programmes: 7-12)
Imbarco Scuola diurna
Numero di studenti 219
Nazionalità 8
Rapporto insegnante-studente MYP 21:1, DP 9:1
Accreditamenti International Baccalaureate, Round Square, Japanese Ministry of Education
Preside Yoshiaki Obara
Tassa annuale (Min) 1,886,000 JPY
Tassa d'iscrizione annuale (massimo) 1,902,000 JPY


Tamagawa Academy, throughout its history prioritizing international education through its Zenjin (well-rounded) principles, offers students the unique opportunity of earning a Japanese secondary school completion certificate as a MEXT Article 1 school along with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This flexibility in approach offers students maximum choice between a wide range of both foreign and domestic university options. Through four years of the IB Middle years Programme and two years of the Diploma Programme, completed almost entirely in English, Tamagawa Academy aims to foster in its students broad viewpoints, insight, and intellectual curiosity that transcends individual academic subjects. We cultivate global perspectives, along with giving students the ability and confidence to shape the future on a global stage.

Located just outside of Tokyo and covering 610,000 square meters/150 acres, the Tamagawa campus not only offers students the finest modern facilities but also the opportunity to enjoy nature. The wooded campus is an excellent place to stroll by a pond, visit our farm, or just enjoy the tranquil sounds of nature. Multiple libraries, including a new on-campus University Library, offer students access to 305,640 English texts, a number of fully equipped audiovisual rooms as well as multiple theaters.



International Baccalaureate, Others

Lingue di insegnamento

English, Japanese

Lingue straniere



Baccalaureato internazionale

Consulenza universitaria

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