Prime School International

Co-educazione (3-18)
Scuola diurna, collegio
+351 21 923 5496
R. Antoine de Saint-Éxupery, 2765-043 Estoril, Portugal

Anno di fondazione 2006
Fase di iscrizione / Gradi Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Advanced and College
Imbarco Scuola diurna, collegio
Numero di studenti 450
Nazionalità 40
Rapporto insegnante-studente 1 : 10
Accreditamenti International Education, Cambridge Assessment, IGCSE and A levels
Preside Pedagogical Director Edite Reina and CEO Eng. Carlos Almeida
Tassa annuale (Min) 7.990 EUR (Day) / 33.900 EUR (Boarding)
Tassa d'iscrizione annuale (massimo) 16.500 EUR (Day) / 33.900 EUR (Boarding)


The aim of Prime School International is to promote well-being and personal fulfilment within the academic community, through the convergence of the various human experiences obtained with the essential skills for personal development, in order to achieve its efficiency, sensitivity to creative, informed and skilled citizens to overcome and solve any obstacles that may arise in the future.

Particularly innovative, this project focuses on teaching and transmitting to our students a global perspective of real life, be it knowledge, discipline, education, respect, as well as feeling the pleasure of growing and learning any subject with enthusiasm, dedication and a will to value themselves through the sharing of knowledge and methodology.

Every day, students are taken to practice in laboratories science-oriented projects, new technologies, and complementary areas such as cooking, robotics, gardening, as well as projects directed towards the environment and knowledge of the animal world – all areas where knowing how to do are as or more important as the curriculum taught.

In this area, we cover technologies, projects and activities such as Drama, as performing art, and other arts (painting, music, dance), Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Climbing, Surfing, Swimming, Martial Arts, and sports.

Also created by Prime School International, there is a true extra learning platform with classes in career programs such as Aviation, Management, Marketing, Programming, Robotics, Cookery, Physical Education, all in addition to the core programmes.

To this end, our teaching staff is prepared and specialised to advise each learner to cultivate their independence and to give greater relevance to their greatest potential, helping them to plan their best study method, with the aim of implementing a greater ambition for continuous learning.

Prime School International was one of the first schools to obtain the Cambridge Curriculum certificate in Portugal, together with the teaching equivalence of the Portuguese Ministry of Education. This curriculum is considered by the Group to be the best that fits in with its philosophy, besides its international recognition and great prestige for its student-centered approach.

We have been following this teaching method since 2006, adding to the value of 21st-century education, the investment in the future of our planet through our students.

With a maximum of 15 students per class, the international dimension of Prime School is an enriching factor, mirrored in the Cambridge curriculum design, namely in the area of interdisciplinary work.

In addition to this project, we offer Prime Boarding to students from the age of 13, a home away from home, only 10 minutes away from the Estoril campus and 20 minutes away from the Sintra campus, where they will feel welcome and accommodated, with transport, meals and a fee that includes, besides the above, school fees, books, pocket money, uniforms, registration and personal accident insurance.

Students are encouraged to create their own activities within the premises in their academic and study free time, such as reading, board games, basketball, constructive and educational visits, as well as the privilege of sailing on certain weekends and/or holiday times, by agreement between parents and school management.

As the first International School in the area with a Boarding School, at Prime Boarding students are encouraged to explore who they are and have the opportunity to join in any activity that suits their interests. Here, we believe that a school that allows students to express themselves and trusts them to make the right choices for themselves can help shape the success of tomorrow’s leaders. Living away from home and balancing an advanced curriculum encourages them to become more disciplined and responsible.

Estoril Campus

Sintra Campus

Prime School International



International Curriculum with IGCSE and A Levels with Specialisation

Lingue di insegnamento


Lingue straniere

English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Chinese


Cambridge and IGCSE

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Sostegno all'apprendimento


We ensure that children becomes more active and engaged in sports and outdoor activities. Along the way they will learn the value of teamwork and practice leadership skills. We have a big range of extra-curricular activities for every taste, with specialised teachers!
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