La Garenne International School

Co-Education (4-15 - up to 18 by 2022)
Scuola diurna|Scuola d'imbarco
+41 24 495 24 53
Chemin des Chavasses 23, 1885 Chesières Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

Anno di fondazione 1947
Fase di iscrizione / Gradi Primary School: Year 1 to Year 6 / Middle School: MYP1 to MYP5 / Senior School: IB DP1 & DP2
Imbarco Scuola diurna|Scuola d'imbarco
Numero di studenti 90 boarders & 30 day students
Nazionalità 35
Rapporto insegnante-studente 1:2
Accreditamenti CIS (Council of International School), DELF/DALF, Cambridge English Language Assessment, IBO in progress.
Preside Grégory Méan
Tassa annuale (Min) 36'000 CHF (day student) to 71'000 CHF (boarder)
Tassa d'iscrizione annuale (massimo) 75'000 CHF (day student) to 96'000 CHF (boarder) - IB Years


Ever since the foundation in 1947, Scuola Internazionale La Garenne has been one of the leading boarding schools in Switzerland and the world. More than 120 students from over 35 nations are welcomed each year on our campus located in the charming alpine French-speaking ski resort of Villars which provides a secure environment and an extraordinary education to boarding and day students from 5 years old. Our philosophy is based on providing individual attention to each and every student, encouraging a passion for learning, developing international-mindedness and ensuring the holistic development of all of the young people in our care both academically, socially and emotionally.

La Garenne prides itself on its long and rich history as a bilingual place of learning. While the main language of academic subjects is English, we believe that language learning is vitally important and students are encouraged to develop a mastery of the French Language in addition to encouraging the study of a student’s native language. In the Primary School (ages 5-10), students follow the International Primary Curriculum, which prepares them well to enter the Secondary School where they will study the highly regarded International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (ages 11 – 16). Upon completion of the MYP, our students will start their studies for the world-renowned IB Diploma Programme. Our students will enter their final year of schooling in 2022, just in time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of La Garenne.

In addition to our full-time academic curriculum, students may also choose to join La Garenne as part of our ‘Integration Programme’. it offers them a unique taste of academic and boarding life over a shorter period, after which some may choose to join us at a later stage for the full academic year. Furthermore, in summer, we offer residential and day camps with a well-balanced programme consisting of language courses in French or English in the morning (from beginner to advanced level) followed by sports, cultural and leisure activities in the afternoon. In winter, students may participate in the Integration Programme and enjoy snow activities including skiing/snowboarding several times a week.

Whether during the school year or during our camps, we provide wonderful opportunities (languages, challenges, expeditions, charity projects and school trips around the world) that stimulate young people’s natural curiosity and teach them valuable life skills.

La Garenne is also a CIS fully accredited school (Council of International Schools) and a Cambridge/ DELF-DALF Preparation Centre.

At La Garenne we have adopted the phrase “Be Happy and Never, Never, Never Give Up” as our motto, to encourage wellbeing, effort and resilience in all aspects of life and for all members of the school community.


DP Curriculum Handbook
Campo estivo
Winter Camp / Integration & Ski Programme

La Garenne School Parents' Testimonials - Part 1
La Garenne Campus
Le Roc Senior Campus
Primary Curriculum Handbook
MYP Curriculum Handbook




Lingue di insegnamento

inglese, francese

Lingue straniere

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian


MYP (Middle Year Programme), DELF, Cambridge, IBO in progress

Consulenza universitaria

Sostegno all'apprendimento


Indoor sports include football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and other team games, climbing, aerobics, squash, tennis, badminton, athletics, swimming, ballet and karate. Outdoors, the children participate in various expeditions, mountain biking, kayaking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, camping, hill-walking, running, golf, orienteering, bush craft, rope-bridge walking, Via Ferrata, canoeing, ice-skating, cabin building, camp fire evenings, igloo building sledging, ice hockey – to name but a few. We promote creativity through the curriculum with special emphasis on art, drama, public speaking, debate, music, singing and dance. We also encourage creativity beyond the classroom through stimulating the children’s interests in school trips, cultural visits, social events and charity initiatives.
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