International School of Bergamo

Co-educazione (da 2 a 18 anni)
Scuola diurna
+39 035 213776
Via Gleno, 54 24125 Bergamo, Italy

Anno di fondazione 2011
Fase di iscrizione / Gradi Periodo di iscrizione aperto tutto l'anno
Imbarco Scuola diurna
Numero di studenti 285
Nazionalità 24
Rapporto insegnante-studente
Accreditamenti Baccalaureato internazionale
Preside Guia Ghidoli & Chiara Traversi (School Directors)
Tassa annuale (Min) 8000 EUR
Tassa d'iscrizione annuale (massimo) 16000 EUR


Founded in 2011, the International School of Bergamo (ISBergamo) is part of the Inspired Education Group, a leading global schools group educating over 45,000 students across a network of more than 64 schools. Committed to delivering high quality educational programmes, ISB strives to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world. The school is authorised to offer the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes, providing an International Baccalaureate continuum education. Joining ISBergamo offers a fantastic opportunity to enter a safe and nurturing environment, where the Italian culture is valued alongside the recognition and appreciation of a multicultural collective diversity. Technology plays an important role in the school and is embedded in the school curriculum through a blended approach where we feel it adds value to teaching and learning. The school is located in a modern building in the Eastern part of Bergamo, in a green and quiet environment. The area is rich in sporting facilities, including a modern football pitch located just next to the school as well as rugby fields and an athletics track at the end of the road. Students can benefit from a totally refurbished building with new, specialised facilities, including a dedicated Early Years area, an Art & Design Lab, a school library, and an outdoor multipurpose sports facility, as well as a cafeteria and playgrounds. Recent additions to the facility include a Secondary School wing with a specialised Science Laboratory, a Music, Drama & Dance studio, an Innovation Lab, and a newly expanded indoor gym. Thanks to an efficient bus service, the school covers the city of Bergamo as well as a large number of the surrounding communities.




Lingue di insegnamento


Lingue straniere

Italian, French and Spanish


IB MYP, IB Diploma

Consulenza universitaria

Sostegno all'apprendimento


School Trips, After school activities, MUN, Robotics, Sports, Performing Arts, Community Service, Chinese
Gite scolastiche
Servizio comunitario
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