Co-educational (4-8)
Online school

Anno di fondazione 2021
Fase di iscrizione / Gradi Rolling
Imbarco Online school
Numero di studenti 6 per class
Nazionalità each class is made of 3+ nationalities
Rapporto insegnante-studente 1 : 6
Accreditamenti Accredited from 2023
Preside Julia Gallios
Tassa annuale (Min) 8000 USD
Tassa d'iscrizione annuale (massimo) 9900 USD


bina is a global, mobile, whole primary experience that follows your family anywhere, creating quality educational outcomes and joy! Accepting admission for 4 – 8 years.

bina weaves the best of homeschooling and “traditional” learning into a digital setting that harnesses precision education to create precisely the educational outcomes that fits families, anywhere. A full time, online primary programme with micro classes of just six students, taught live by Master Teachers. bina creates a personalised, adaptive learning experience for ages 4-8.

Our international curriculum pulls from various standards worldwide– perfect for kiddos growing up in a global society.

Grounded in UK standards with elements of the US Common Core, International Baccalaureate (IB PYP) and the Australian curriculum weaved in then broken down into microcredentials (small, simpler targets)

Each unit is a different biome, meaning students’ learning relates directly to a living habitat. Connecting abstract concepts with real-world examples gives context to their learning – we put their learning into action! Kiddos could be learning multiplication on the ocean floor, or types of insects deep within the jungle!

Our kiddos follow a similar routine each day so that students know what to expect, following a balanced group and independent learning schedule, with hands-on activities to keep kiddos engaged.




UK Curriculum, US Curriculum, IB

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