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Throughout the years, we have been very pleased both in terms of academic challenges but also the leadership opportunities and exposure to diverse cultures through specific curriculum, the diverse community,...
Sharon Moore, Parent, Scuola Jeannine Manuel Parigi
I think the most important thing that AIS-Salzburg taught me and assisted me in is getting out there, being curious, and not being afraid to leave my comfort zone. Moving...
Anastasija Svarevska, 2017 Graduate, Scuola Internazionale Americana-Salisburgo
I video che avete fatto, le attività che avete pensato e la capacità di mantenere la comunità Ermitage allegra, felice e impegnata come studenti durante questo periodo è...
Ermitage IB MYP4 Genitore, Scuola internazionale Ermitage
School of Dreams
Vogue Poland, Istituto sul Rosenberg
During these complicated times, the school has been our anchor, and we are truly grateful. The seamless switch to online learning during lockdown was both efficient and impressive.
Rana Massoud, Parent, École Jeannine Manuel London
My time at Montverde Academy changed me not only as a soccer player but as a man. I learned to be patient, courageous and grateful. I met extraordinary people and...
OUMAR DIAKHITE ’12 G.D. Estoril Praia, Primeira Liga in Portugual, Accademia Montverde
We chose St. Peters as we were drawn by its vision and mission, to nurture students with a love for life-long learning, and making meaningful contributions to society. Adapting to...

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