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Trova le migliori scuole diurne e collegiali internazionali in più di 100 paesi.

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I was a student at prime school and loved it. Me and my brothers are very grateful for this institution. Today I am a Psychologist and Prime School helped me...
Natacha Rüffer, Former student, Prime School International
My three children studied in this school since 2018 to 2022. School contributed a lot and my elder completed his IB diploma and is studying in renowned University of Warszaw...
Kings College Murcia Sixth Form has taught me how to work independently and realise my true potential. The school encouraged me to work at a level which enabled me to...
I am very happy with the support my daughter is receiving, she has flourished at Beau Soleil, is happy and motivated
I didn’t know what a “Homeroom” was, but now my daughters love to start the school day in Homeroom with their pastoral tutor. Together with the weekly assemblies, where all...
Le strutture di Rosenberg sono degne della migliore ospitalità svizzera a cinque stelle
Clara goes to school happily every day and we are amazed at how she communicates in English. Furthermore, school has turned out to be a continuation of our home. Sage...

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