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Co-Education (10-17)
Schloss Ratzenried, 88260 Argenbühl, Germany

Année de fondation 2010
Phase d'inscription / Grades Grades 5-11
Pensionnat Internat
Nombre d'étudiants 50-570
Nationalités 45
Ratio prof / élève
Frais de scolarité annuels (Min) 30.000 EUR
Frais de scolarité annuels (Max) 50.000 EUR


The Humboldt-Institut has more than 45 years of experience in teaching German and prepares young students from all over the world for a school and university career in Germany. The “Boarding Schools in Germany” program is geared towards highly motivated students between 10 and 17 years of age, offering the chance to participate in regular classes in German boarding schools. The goal is to finish a school career in Germany and to graduate with the Abitur (German secondary education leaving certificate), which at the same time is the entrance ticket for university admittance in Germany as well as a key to a successful career at home.

Finding the right school in Germany is an important matter for both students and parents. The Humboldt-Institut has a network of more than 40 renowned partner boarding schools all over Germany. Our experienced staff will guide you through the demanding process of deciding for the most suitable school before starting the German program at the Humboldt-Institut.

Our counseling team will be your partner for all steps, anything from application at the secondary school of your choice to the planning of the German course until school transition – this ensures an effective and successful counseling process!

Brochure "Boarding Schools in Germany"


Programme d'étude

Our counseling aims at Gymnasium attendance. From this school form, students graduate with the Abitur (A-levels, university entrance qualification), i.e., students qualify for higher education in Germany with the Abitur certificate. The German school system aims at a diversified basic education, i.e., subject-based specialization does not start until higher education.

Langues d'enseignement


Langues étrangères

Chinese, English, French, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish


Abitur (i.e. university entrance qualification)

Conseil universitaire


Support d'étude



The participating schools in this program all offer varied extracurricular activities. This may include cultural activities, sports, arts and crafts, music, social activities and many more.
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