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This is my second year at Lemania International School. Over the past two years, I have not only gained a lot of knowledge from my kind teachers, but I have...
Academic excellence is the core of ESK’s success. Future global leaders develop in an outstanding educational environment, and thrive in top universities across the world. Cyprus is fortunate to have...
Professor Dorothy Griffiths, OBE, Imperial College London, The English School of Kyrenia
Gravitas is a place of learning and growth in all senses of the word. I have grown exponentially even in my short time here.
Feedback from my son, no complaints. All year groups from the start of nursery right the way through (now Year10) have provided an incredible sense of stability. My son’s loyalty...
Parent of Year 10 student, Claremont School
Great school, amazing experiences and opportunities with teachers that go above and beyond to bring the best out in our children. Highly recommended!
Keystone organise chaque activité avec cœur, qualité et profondeur. Ce sont des atouts inestimables pour les enfants et les parents.
Testimonial 4, Académie Keystone
Watching my child’s successful and happy development at ESK makes me wish I could go back to school again!
Secondary School Parent, The English School of Kyrenia

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