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Stonehill was a very positive experience for me. I appreciate that teachers were very patient with me and helped me with my transition from my junior to senior year. I...
Kona (University of Southern California), Stonehill International School
In general we are amazed how much time and effort you put into communication with the children and parents. We moved several times and our kids have been to different...
German family with son in grade 11 synchronous, École préparatoire de Merrick
There is a greater focus on excellence here – not just on academic or athletic excellence, but the pursuit of excellence. I wanted to make sure that our children had...
Tom, Father, Ridley College
I am glad to have picked Harrow Appi for my son. We want to send him to a nearby country that is safe and can allow him to experience face-to-face...
I would like to express our appreciation for all the efforts done so far, our kids are very happy with the school ( classmates, teachers and all the staff) as...
L'école des rêves
Moving my two kids (secondary and primary) to GSN was definitely one of the best decisions we have made. GSN is without a doubt the best school in Ningbo I...
Dalit Tevet Sternberg, GSN mom, École de Géorgie de Ningbo (GSN)

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