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Akademeia High School provides a high quality of education, encourages students to actively participate in courses and promotes critical thinking. School also takes care of well-being and self-development.
Testimonial 3, Instituto Akademeia
I’d never been to boarding school before I came to Collège du Léman, but I started to feel really at home as soon as I arrived. The other students were...
Our children have got off to a great start at GES, and we are so happy with our decision. The school is everything we had hoped for, and more. Friendly,...
Secondary parent, Geneva English School
Fairfax Christian School (FCS) has been a great foundation for all my children. They are all excelling academically, thanks to the challenging curriculum at FCS. Thank you, FCS!
Hello, A question. Is it only boarding school, or you can also choose only day school!
I believe Yasumasa had a pleasant time, due to support by all teachers and staffs. He told me lots of stories of the programme, and mostly enjoyed chocolate factory, walking...
My parents were searching for a boarding school … they (and I) decided Institut Montana would be the best fit – the student population, the amazing view, the overall welcoming...
Fariba Buchheim, Instituto Montana Zugerberg

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