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Como padres, creemos que el nivel de la enseñanza y la forma de aprender distinguen al ISHCMC; el BI en el ISHCMC es una forma fascinante de aprender.
When it comes to online lessons during lock down, the move was very good and the education was sustained on the highest level possible.
Testimonial 5, Instituto Akademeia
The positive reinforcement on abilities and capabilities of students is incredible. The school offers a programme that develops young minds to be inquisitive and curious about various events of the...
Recomendaría PaRK IS por el programa pedagógico, las instalaciones y el equipo de profesores.
Ms Cunha [Junior School Mother], Escuela Internacional PaRK
Changing my form of education from home-schooling to attending LES, was one of the best decisions that my parents made. This school has given me the opportunity to overcome and...
Charlotte Copland – Sixth Form Student 2019, Escuela Lady Elizabeth
This is my sixth year in St George’s, I cannot really pinpoint one single good memory but I have really enjoyed all the field trips that the teachers took so...
Student of St. George's International School, St. George’s International School
It’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I’ve made. I really couldn’t have asked for a better time at JFK. I never thought I...

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